Hanz De Fuko – Quicksand



What it is

Hanz De Fuko Quicksand is a styling aid with the thick consistency of a styling clay. The formula is made to be applied to damp or dry hair and provides a number of benefits for men. In addition to providing a medium strong hold and greatly improving manageability, the formula acts as a hair refresher, instantly making hair look as if it’s been freshly cleansed. The product provides a matte finish, which helps to fight the greasy shine that can develop with second-day hairstyles.

Who is it for

As a hair refresher, Hanz De Fuko Quicksand can be used on any type of hair with ease. Men who have fine to normal or thin to normal tresses will benefit most from the medium hold provided from the formula. The level of hold is best suited for short, medium short, medium and medium long styles. Men with coarse, very thick or long hair will likely need a stronger formula to get satisfying hold. The high degree of styling power provided by the clay makes the formula ideal for creating more sculpted styles.


The secret to the Hanz De Fuko Quicksand styling Clay’s hair refreshing powers is diatomaceous earth, a gritty rock that is highly absorbent and similar in texture to ground pumice stones. Upon application, the clay pulls oil off of the scalp and the hair strands, acting like a cleanser without any of the white powdery residue that comes with conventional dry shampoos.


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