Hanz De Fuko – Hybridized Wax


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What it is

Hanz De Fuko Hybridized Wax is a revolutionary styling aid that will change how you think about water based products. Where most water based formulas provide only moderate styling power, this one packs an incredible amount of control, making it possible to create very sculpted or sleek styles while keeping hair pliable. The formula leaves behind a moderate amount of shine for a natural look that isn’t wet or greasy, and it offers medium hold. Like all water based products, the wax rinses away without leaving behind residue, so you can start your styling routine fresh after every shampoo.

Who is it for

Men with fine to normal and thin to normal hair will benefit the most from the hold properties of the styling wax. Ideal for short and medium short hairstyles, the product can be used to create piecy, messy bedhead looks, pompadours and slicked back styles with ease. The formula is great for men with sensitive scalps due to the soothing natural botanicals that it contains.


Hanz De Fuko Hybridized Wax features a range of natural ingredients that make it as much of a hair treatment as it is a styling aid. Eucalyptus oil is included in the formula to calm inflammation and help prevent scalp flakes. Sage offers clarifying benefits, while clove leaf helps to hydrate the tresses. Iridescent mica is used to provide the shine enhancement. Due to the potency of the wax, only a dime sized amount is needed.


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